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Banana Babycorn Green Pepper Cauliflower
USA Red Fine Beans Red Pepper Broccoli
USA Pink Mangetout Yellow Pepper Parsnip
Royal Gala Sugarsnap Orange Pepper Spring Cabb
Braeburn Asparagus PP Pepper Savoy Cabb
Golden Del     Aubergine Tundra Cabb
G Smith
Net Garlic Courgette W.Cabbage
Bramley Peeled Garlic     R.Cabbage
    String Garlic Tomato Carrot XL
Pears Ginger Vine Tomato Carrot
        Ch.Vine Tomato Swede
Orange Green Chillie Cherry Tomato Leek
    Red Chillie Plum Tom Celeriac
Clementine Thai Chillie Beef Tom Squash
    Chinese Leaf Cucumber Prepared
W Grapefruit Pak Choi     Veg
P Grapefruit Moolie Iceberg 1/4 Potato
    Lemongrass Cos/ Romaine Whole Potato
Watermelon     Little Gem Chips
Honeydew Celery Lambs Baton Carrot
Galia Melon Avocado Radichio Whole Carrot
Cantaloupe Fennel Leafy Salad Shred Cabbage
    PP Radish Mixed Leaf Sliced Onion
Lemon Raw Beetroot Endive Soup Mix
Lime LL Beetroot Oakleaf Stew Mix
        Rosso Diced Swede
Pineapple Mustard Cress Biondi Coleslaw
    Watercress Basil    
Black Grape Spinach Red Chard Dairy
Green Grape Beansprout Wild Rocket Semi Milk
    Spring Onion     Full Milk
Plums     Parsley Whip Cream
    Span. Onion Flat Parsley Double Cream
Kiwi Fruit Cook Onion        
    R Onion Maris Piper Ingredients
Strawberry Shallot Red Skins Veg Oil
Raspberry Banana shallot Jumbo Pot Vinegar
Blackberry     Outgrade Pot Red Wine
Blueberry Mushroom B Pot 40's White Wine
Red Currant Button Mush B Pot 50's Brandy
    Flat Mush Mid Port
Physalis Wild Mush Sweet Pot Madeira
Starfruit Chestnut Mush        
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